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For enterprises, to facilitate and streamline their processes from old fashion paper to digital. Meaning, less paperwork, quicker results and a greener environment.

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Our Projects

Some of our projects include but are not limited to those mentioned below. We also provide bespoke solutions. Click on the links below to access each portal. For Members Only.


Our Point of Sale (POS), Loyalty Card, Easy Order & Pay and a lot more services, help you manage your business and clients with our all-in-one bespoke merchant solution for retailers.


Our event bracelet and software allow you to manage your event and customers. We provide a bespoke entertainment solution for all entertainment industries.


Healthcare is a big focus for us. Our solution provides a bespoke healthcare card that allows access to all partner hospitals with live updates of the patient’s information, health and medical records.


We provide smart student cards that confirm student attendance as well as tuition. Our bespoke solution can be customized to the institutions requirements.

Taaply Cash

Finding change is a huge issue in most African countries. The Taaply Cash allows you to store your change in a secure wallet and use at any of our partner shops.

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